Wright Way Boot Camp is a 6 week, comprehensive outdoor fitness program to help individuals obtain solid fitness results. The program is an intensive, result oriented program that consists of drills which include running, jump rope, and other plyometric activities. The boot camp is designed to be a fun, challenging, and motivational workout that focuses on increasing the functional movement needed for active lifestyles and injury prevention. The program is designed for all levels and is guaranteed to help individuals:
• Lose body fat
• Speed up metabolism
• Tone and define muscles
• Increase endurance

Boot camp sessions will consist of 1-hour workouts held twice per week. Each session will focus on both cardio and strength training. The boot camps will involve a program of many different combinations of strength training exercises, cardiovascular conditioning exercises, and stretching exercises. More specifically, Wright Way Boot Camp will consist of core strength training, plyometric and agility drills, calisthenics, sprint drills, and more!
Participants can expect each workout to include:
• Warm-up and cool down stretching
• Aerobic and anaerobic exercises
• Upper and lower body conditioning
• Running drills
• Agility and speed work

"In the beginning I thought "really.. You are choosing your self to go through this?? Now 6 weeks later .. I can't wait for round 2! Thanks for telling me constantly you are proud of my progress.. I promise to "get out of my comfort zone" this session!!! Note to self: you can do it!!" Kim Hudson

"Thank you so much. Your motivation has been the biggest part of this journey. I sing your praises all the time! I couldn’t do it without your dedication to what you love to do…work our butts off." Laura Lee

"If you want to work harder than you will on your own, and have fun doing it, ask me about Darrel Wrightway fitness Wright !"Kathy Kapordelis Jones